If tomorrow was my last day on Earth

Most don’t like to touch on the subject.  Your last day on earth, however scary is an appropriate topic worthy of introspection. It’s a reinforcement of how short life is and how we should be spending time more carefully.


If tomorrow were my last day on earth, I guess I would be grateful for the heads up. I would freak out first. But I would run to my kids and never leave their sides. It would be a day of conflict of internal turmoil. I would hold them till they complained they couldn’t breathe and drench them with my kisses. The gratefulness of my heart would battle the selfishness in my mind over the loss of the things I would miss out on.


I would tell them “I love you” so many times it would make them sick of hearing it. I’d do as much as I could to make sure they knew there was no doubt how I loved them as they grew in the years to come, and that everything I did for them, everything from rocking them to fighting for them in court, was only a drop in a bucket to what I would do for them all over again.  I’d apologize for the times I lost my temper and the times I let them down as a dad. I’d apologize for the things I never did and never would do. The only one to leave any reminders of myself will be me, if tomorrow were my last on earth.


If I don’t get my wish, I would want to leave a legacy of sorts for all my kids and my wife. I would want them to know what my biggest regret and mistakes were so they could avoid them or at least choose carefully the ones they just had to experience for themselves. I’ve made far too many not to learn by.


I would tell them to put their loved ones first. That a true leader is one who self-sacrifices themselves. Live as if every day was their own last day on earth if they can, but responsibly. I would tell them if that if you get married, marry your best friend, but only if you are their best friend. Lust is overrated (and now I see so is dusting).


I would tell all my kids not to listen to grownups who try to tell them to major in something practical in college. But even college is overrated. Instead keep searching for what makes you happy and fulfills you and don’t ever settle for less. Don’t ever be someone’s doormat, but do be other’s stepping stool. Lift others up. Find small ways to appreciate your surroundings, no matter how annoying some people are. You never know what they have been or are going through. They may be masking a deeper hurt than you yourself bear.


If tomorrow were my last day on earth, I would tell them when you find yourself having a family, don’t let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn’t feel about your own children or how you should feel about anything; especially in your own marriage. Have faith in yourself. You will fail. I have and continue to. But I get back up.


Let yourself be silly. This is one I’m still having trouble with. Don’t wait until it’s too late…the days have ran out, the vacation is over, the spouse has left, the children have left, the diagnosis has been made…let yourself be silly. If you feel like you’re losing your marbles, and you will, and you’re being pulled into countless directions stop and say a small prayer. ….You’ll be amazed how much that covers. He is listening in the midst of any chaos when it seems no one else is.


If tomorrow were my last day on earth, I’d remind my family how much I loved them and apologize for all the times I’ve upset them over the years. There are no chances to right any wrongs. Only time left for thank you.  It would be my last chance to tell you all how you have impacted me and shaped me. The life’s lessons and strength’s you imparted upon me.


It tomorrow were my last day on earth, would I know how to spend it with my wife. Our life together started out bumpy with smears and personal attacks aimed at us. Not us against each other, but from both our ex’s. Needless to say, things have not been great. Many pictures and memories play in my brain. Most of which hang on loose ends.


If tomorrow were my last day on earth, I think I would leave with unanswered questions.


If tomorrow were my last day on earth, I doubt I have lived my life to the fullest. If I died tomorrow, here’s what I want to tell you!


Thank you for the years together and all that you have done. Don’t be sad. It’s really not that big a deal. Especially if you compare it to what God has brought me out of…the life I was living before. Thank you for putting up with my nonsense and hard headedness. I know you’ve tried hard and you’ve taken care of me. I hope you at least see now the depth of my love for you and our kids by now. How much I have sacrificed and denied for all of us. If I died before you, don’t be sad…life goes on!


I truly wish you would allow yourself to see what’s inside you as I did. If tomorrow was my last day with you, I would give you the last pep talk I would ever give you…it would be the ultimate cheer you had ever heard. I would even wear a skirt and use pom poms if that would work.


If tomorrow were my last day on earth, I wonder what I would leave unsaid to whomever. Would I choose to finally release that pain that’s been so heavy? Would I tell of any of those who broke me and let me down? Would I disclose those pieces of my heart that each and everyone chipped away at? Would I reveal how some truly shaped me?


If tomorrow were my last day on earth, would I give my loved ones the opportunity to right their wrongs?


If anyone were only given one more day, would you cram in everything possible or would you stop and savor what you have left?


If tomorrow were my last day on earth, what would I want? What would I say? What would they want me to know; that one last thing that maybe you didn’t get across or I failed to realize?


Is there anything they would want to say, maybe they love me?


How would they feel, would they then realize how they truly feel?


Would they miss the times we talked, or every time we teased?


Above all, remember you are loved.


P.S. Don’t take this post the wrong way. It’s honestly a sincere thought about looking at my life in perspective if we had the privilege of knowing our last day. These are just thoughts.


2 thoughts on “If tomorrow was my last day on Earth

  1. Wow I loved this! You’ve captured a thought that many don’t ever get the chance to. You inspire me to do something similar 🙂 Thank you!

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