You know what? You know all of this already. You’ve heard it a thousand times.

So why in the world are you reading yet another word about God and his love?

What gives?

Do you get traction with the idea that you long for intimacy and vulnerability in a safe relationship, where you can explore and be explored? What do you think of that, you being explored? Augustine called the Father the lover, the Son the beloved, and the Spirit as the searching love that passes between them. If God is your lover, the Holy Spirit is the caress, te tickle, the intimate touch that arouses the passions.

Agape “Love”

Is that too creepy for you? Thinking of God touching your skin? Thinking of intimacy akin to sexual intimacy?

Language about prostitutes I can handle. I can work with the prostitute metaphor. I’m used to hearing that one. But God whose fingers drag across my chest? Too much. That sort of intimacy mixes types of love, after all. You know, God’s love is agae love, brotherly love is phileo love, and sexual love is eros love. Remember the dozens of sermons you’ve heard about that? God does only the first one, because he’s perfect. The others don’t translate.

There is this, though: Jesus had brothers and disciples. He knows phileo love. Jesus is fully man just as he is fully divine. If you’re going to give him agape and phileo, you gotta give him some eros.

I’m not talking about praying for some sexual encounter with God, by the way. I’m talking about opening yourself up to be loved in ways that you can understand and that can mean something to your gut. The fact that our discomfort with sexuality inhibits our ability to allow God into our lives is just lame.


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