Bipolar Christian, part 1

The bipolar Christian may have many questions.

Is the bipolar Christian made in the image of God?

It is natural to be confused about how, when we have a serious mental health challenge, we can still be made in the image God, or, as Psalm 139 says:

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

We can just as easily ask “Why did You make me diabetic?”, and then of course there is the classic “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”

We have free will and are fallen and so there is much imperfection in the world. God does not “make” anyone mentally or physically ill, anymore than he is responsible for any of life’s other misfortunes or ugliness.

What He has done is provided us with doctors and medicine that make it possible to live a healthy life.

God never leaves us. Even in the most acute bouts of mania or depression, God stays with us. It is true that there may be periods where our minds are so disordered by our illness that we do not feel God’s presence. We cannot pray, and we cannot study scripture. However, my experience has been that the more I build my faith and my relationship with God when I am in between episodes, the easier it is to find my way to Him during a relapse or mood swing.

For me as a bipolar Christian, I believe staying well depends on both faith and works. I cannot do it alone, but I also have an obligation to do what I can.


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