One word: Grace

Grace is one of those words that’s easy to over-use. It can become a convenient one-word explanation for our second-chance stories, and a knee-jerk response to every hypothetical question.


But Grace is a real thing, not a text-book answer.  It’s being shown good when you deserve bad.  It’s being forgiven when you deserve distrust.  It’s living in safety when you deserve death.


It’s something we receive, and it’s something we can give.  Some believe it comes from God, and others are content simply knowing it fills their heart with joy.


The “second chance” part of “People of the Second Chance” is grace.  We are survivors of our own disasters, refugees of a world gone mad.  Grace saved us, and allowed us to turn our stories into lessons, our failures into inspiration.  Because we received it, we give it back.  We forgive the unforgivable, and love the unlovely.  We push buttons and ruffle feathers, and shoot arrows into the heart of the Vulture Culture.  We do it in the name of Grace, and we change the world one act at a time.


When you hear us talk about grace, we’re not being cute, and we’re not being clichéd.  Grace is a real, tangible, actionable thing, and if you’re breathing, you’ve experienced it.


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