Nurture your love

Ask me what love is and I could give you some clues…..always put your spouse first, adjustment, understanding, patience, loyalty and devotion and above all above empathy.

Mix these ingredients together and apply it daily in your life. When both the partners do their bit of adding 5 tablespoons from their side, the relationship gets 10/10.

Work on your marriage today and live a happy, fulfilled lifetime together

I’ve been married three times. Working on my third divorce that I didn’t see coming. There are many things I would do over. But I’m not all to blame either Love is strange. It has the ability to make you dance on your toes or the ability to crawl on your knees.

Nurturing a relationship is vital if you want to stay together. Bitterness, irritation and constant stress between two people not only affects their personal mindset but also the people around. Learn to resolve fights and arguments by saying “Sorry.” But many find it hard to say this. It is important to understand that if you are wrong, admitting your mistake is the right thing to do. An argument doesn’t need a winner or a loser.

I’ve learned this the hard way. That being said comes the ultimate battle. When the battle is over.

It amounts to the degree of wherewithal and awareness one possesses as to how many questions we have regarding where we might stand in our relationship, if one exists. One confident gent may declare his firm foothold with the girl of his heart while in reality she’s been trying to elude the task of telling him to ‘Beat it’ for some time. Another may have too many questions and that would surely be an indicator as to something being amiss. Don’t frustrate yourself and don’t sabotage yourself either. Set up ways to open up the 2 of you as a topic and find out just where you stand by making it easy on her. She’ll appreciate it if done gracefully and this will be an opportunity to gain the necessary insight into your relationship. Could be a simple oversight and something repairable or a chance to move apart from one another before it’s really too late…


2 thoughts on “Nurture your love

  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing. Children have the right to see both parents and neither should be allowed to used children as a pawn in the relationship. Congratulations too on managing your bipolar and sustaining a great relationship. How self aware you sound. I too have a Major Degree in Psychology although my ideas remain the same as before. Everyone has their own challenges to work through

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