An open letter to my country America

What is wrong with you people of America? We used to be great. All we do now is gripe and moan and try to control each other under the guise of equality. When was the last time we looked around and saw the beauty and wonders of what used to make this nation great? We’ve become a nation of people so quick to point out what is wrong with its us that we have refused to even allow each other to shine.
We cry for equality but if we don’t believe or act same then we are no good for each other. Then you are the hypocrite and I’m not. There take that. And how dare you have your own opinion in this free country! After all it’s my country. We used to embrace our diversities. Now we can wait to slander each other for our differences as reach for torches and pick axes.
Why are we so quick to scream and lay the blame of racism on a symbol that’s become a national icon? What do they hope to accomplish by banning its existence? Racism will not cease to exist in this ugly world as long we grip so tight on to our ugly hearts. I said it before, racism is not a cafeteria line problem. We don’t the privilege of picking and choosing which parts get to go and which get to stay. We can’t knock out those nasty pieces of history just because some over zealot people refuse to think logically. Racism will not end after the last decal is removed from store shelf. Removing the flag will not accomplish anything. Why isn’t the Nazi memorabilia gone yet? Why are we Christians still allowed to display our crosses? There will always be someone offended by something. We can’t bow down to everyone’s whims. Besides America, that flag never did stand for racism. Get your history facts right. Do a little research before you go crying to someone.
We have become a nation of bullying. Ourselves! We scream and yell at other groups of people in our country in order to get what we want to make them do something for us. Instead of trying to force one race of people in submission why don’t they try to combat racism itself? They are only fueling hate with hate. They are bullying. And they are winning.
We need parents who are not afraid of their own children. Parents who will step up and start teaching their kids responsibility and how take a few insults without getting their little feelings hurt. I’m Hispanic and I got picked on when I was a kid. I got called names. Well boohoo. It happens. Parents who will invest in their kids and not replace themselves with activities and electronics. What happened to kids being accountable and learning responsibilities? We’ve become a nation of sheltering our kids in order to protect them too much.
We recently made marriage an equal opportunity. But apparently if someone doesn’t agree with it that makes them a hypocrite. I don’t understand this concept. Isn’t equality the freedom to have one’s own choice and opinion? Yet out of this decision is so much fighting. Because of this decision rainbow logos are popping up everywhere. But if I was to post a Straight Pride logo I would most certainly be targeted with hateful criticism being accused of being a bigoted hypocrite. More than likely from people who don’t even know me let alone not knowing the people I know and associate with. In this country if you are not for something then you are against them. There is no equality in this country. What is wrong with you people? It’s you judgmental hypocrites who are the judgmental hypocrites. Always pointing the finger shouting, “judgmental hypocrite!”
If we America want equality then let everyone speak. Wasn’t it us America who told Tim Tebow to shut up about his faith in Christ how it comes before his football career? Yet we can’t seem to get enough of Bruce Jenner turning into a woman making him brave and courageous while we have troops oversees in other countries away their families. Where is the equality in that? There is only a warped sense of equality that says it’s yours only if you believe and act the way I do. America has become blind and selfish.
We have become a nation of people who cry for higher wages while at the same time refusing to work harder for them. Why raise the minimum wage? We do minimum work. Don’t even start in how the Mexican’s are taking all the jobs. Maybe we handed them over. I’m a Mexican-American who grew up modestly and later earned a bachelor of science in psychology on grants and loans. And yes here in America! The means to get educated and trained for better work are out there. The problem is, is that we think some work is below us. We are too good for some jobs. We’ve become a nation of people who feel entitled. We want what America has to offer yet not give back. I’ve listened to people gripe about how little food stamps they were only allowed to receive while holding an iPhone in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
What is wrong with us America? God forbid if something like another Oklahoma City bombing occurred. Remember when one of our own attacked us and we were there for each other? Or what if another 9/11 happened? God forbid if another country attacked us. This nation would fall apart. How we be there for each other if all we can now see is our differences. Our president is incompetent and we hold some of the blame. We expect our leader to fail and our enemies know it. We are not a united country.
When are we going to stop looking for what is wrong with America and start looking for what is right? We are far too happy to point out what we need to remove in our country that we are blind to what we need to see. What is good with our country? What has happened to us?


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