Balancing Act

  When you’re working through recovery, life can take on an entirely new meaning and provide you with a wealth of new perspectives, opportunities and hope. It can also be a difficult time as you’re probably working to rebuild your life in terms of your career, relationships and overall peace of mind.   Striking a… Read More Balancing Act

Love who?

This morning’s blog is a bit unorthodox from my usual. But I can’t help talk about talk without talkig ahout the author and creator of love. Our God. But there is a second commandment that is very similar: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” That is, second only to our love for God must… Read More Love who?


Living a life with bipolar has taught me many things. It’s gotten me into a lot of trouble within the past years of my life before I found a successful treatment that workw. I’ve been addicted and recovered from alcohol and pills. I’ve tried to fight off both addictions by my own hands.   I’ve… Read More Powerlessness

One word: Grace

Grace is one of those words that’s easy to over-use. It can become a convenient one-word explanation for our second-chance stories, and a knee-jerk response to every hypothetical question.   But Grace is a real thing, not a text-book answer.  It’s being shown good when you deserve bad.  It’s being forgiven when you deserve distrust. … Read More One word: Grace